Luxury pet online boutique, dedicated to stylish and secure walking jackets for your Fur baby. 

Made To Order


Looking for a unique, bespoke, custom walking jacket for your Maine Coon?

Offering 100% cotton, high-quality, Australian Made, made by hand, walking jackets with a fashionable flair.


Created and inspired with our very own beautiful Maine Coon in mind, there are so many Maine Coon owners, who find it very difficult to find a walking jacket to fit their fur babies, instead having to turn to dog harnesses, we are here to change that.

Our walking jackets have been tested and designed for and with our own Maine Coon in various situations, along with customer testimonies, verifying the quality and security of our walking jackets .


Adjustable neck and girth, which helps you to get that perfect snug fit for your fur baby.


The longer body size for the adult walking jacket, is better suited, to slowing down, an attempted escape from the jacket, this is an important part of our design, so please remember this, when you are deciding on which walking jacket, is best for your fur baby


Pattern prints, are subject to availability from our fabric stockist, so it is best to have a couple of choices in mind, when sending through your preference.

To start your order please click Measurement Page to send us through your details, if you have two cats this form will need to be submitted twice, once for each cat, we will then be in touch to help you through the rest of the process.

Although we specialise in the Maine Coon breed of cat, we also make walking jackets for all other domestic breeds of cat, check out our Gallery Page.

We respond promptly to all messages within our business hours, we are CLOSED on Sundays.

HOME OF The Original Maine Coon Mayhem Walking Jacket.

Business is based in Perth, Western Australia.


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