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To learn how to measure your dog. Click on the images above.

Please fill out the measurement form details below.

Submit one form per dog.

Suitable for medium to small dogs only.


Enlarge each image above for more details.

Incorrect measurements cannot be refunded. Measure carefully.

Measurement and details form.
Please Note: If you have more than one Dog, please submit separate forms for each.

Please tell us your dogs name, date of birth, sex and breed.

WE NEED 5 MEASUREMENT - See images above as a guide.


  1. Please measure your Dog's

  • 1. Girth

  • 2. Neck

  • 3. Neck to shoulder blades

  • 4. Back width 

  • 5. Under belly 


  • (Clearly state either "cm" or "in")


Neck measurement, measure lower down on the neck.




This measurement is just behind the inner front leg while they are in the standing position. See images above on length needed.

Do not measure the whole length of the under belly, only the widest portion of the rib cage.



Measure just behind the two front inner legs around your dog's tummy. See images above (this is the approximate FINISHED SIZE that the jacket will come to you in. This needs to be a comfortable fit. 

Please take two girth measurements. One standing and one in the sitting position. As in either position your dog's girth may be bigger. We will make the bigger measurement of the two.


Measure from where your dog's collar would normally sit, down the middle of the shoulder blades, look to the side of your dog's body when doing this and go just up to the inner leg area and stop there with your tape.


Measure across the back to get the width. Make sure you do not measure down the sides. See example pictures above.

Once your details and measurements have been submitted. Please proceed to purchase your dog's walking jacket below.


Thank you !

Thanks for submitting!

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