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HOME OF The Original Maine Coon Mayhem Walking Jacket.



Our specialty is designing custom made walking jackets for Maine Coons. A long-haired, large cat.
In addition, we can also custom make walking jackets for other breeds of cats.

Our built-in swipe-away fur panel in our custom made walking jackets, enables you to fit the jacket much easier than standard jackets that are on the market that do up underneath the jacket.




Treat your cat to the ultimate comfort.


Our walking jackets are designed and handmade in Australia using durable, high-quality materials to prevent matting and chafing.


Our unique designs offer maximum comfort.


Giving attention to detail a custom-made walking jacket ensures a perfect, individual fit. Working closely with our clients to create their vision for their beloved pets is very important to us.



When designing our walking jackets, we strongly focused on security.


Utilising a soft front, Velcro-free neck which crushes down when an attempted escape occurs. As the saying goes, if the head can go through, the body will follow.

A ballistic hidden webbing secures grab handles within the lining of the jacket, ensuring maximum strength, meanwhile looking stylish.

All of our jackets are secured by using a superior, high-quality Velcro that is done up on the back of the jacket and not under the neck or belly areas of the cat. Which is often very difficult to manage visually, along with getting fur caught up in the Velcro, thereby reducing its security.

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