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Sewing Equipments

Custom Made


Bespoke, more sustainable, higher quality and a better fit.

Every cat is built differently, and one-size-fits-all is not true, especially when it comes to Maine Coons.

The only way to get the best-fitting walking jacket is to have it custom-made.


The term bespoke tailoring refers to high quality pieces created with individual care and attention. The initial cost of tailored items may be higher than mass-produced items, but they are likely to last longer.

Following the 4 steps below will help to guide you into making informed choices, when choosing the right walking jacket for your cat.  Please do not proceed to step 5 until we have looked over your measurements and advised you on the correct walking jacket size to purchase.


Fabric options.

When you proceed through to step 5. (This is after your measurement form has been sent through to us and we have looked over all of your details.)

As you process your order, you will see that there is a drop down box (Print and select) for you to choose your standard fabric prints from, within this list you will see "custom" as an option, this relates to our designer fabrics. Choose this option if you prefer one of our designer fabrics, then let us know the name of the print.

You can also simply view the standard fabric options in this list without checking out.


STEP 1 - View fabric types.
STEP 2 - View designer, fabrics.
STEP 3 - Choose a design. (Video)
STEP 4 - Fill out a measurement form.
STEP 5 - Purchase your jacket.

Note: only proceed after we have confirmed with you that your measurements are correct.

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