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We are so busy making custom walking jackets here at Maine Coon Mayhem. That it is truly mayhem!


Our custom jackets are all lovingly made by hand and each jacket is different. No two jackets will ever be the same as these are not mass produced, nor are they private labeled. So from time to time we have to utilize our waiting list.


We endeavor to have everyone's custom made jackets posted out to them within 2 weeks from the time of purchase. We always make sure our intake is not to high to manage.


Please email us to go onto our list.


Once your turn comes around we will notify you. You will then have 48 hours from the time that we notify you to respond back to us. Otherwise the next person in line will be notified.


We will continue to try to make contact with you up to three times. If we do not hear back from you after the third and final notification. We will assume that you have changed your mind and we will move on to the next person that is on our waiting list.

To avoid disappointment please make sure you check your email box regularly .

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